by Mag.Lo

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released May 11, 2014


all rights reserved



Mag.Lo Deltona, Florida

Mag.Lo is a central florida based musical artist bringing catchy and intricate hip hop/indie pop with an authentic twist.




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Track Name: Home
It must've been the right time to stay

-Verse 1-
Show up to the party like I'm not invited
Got a few stares I ain't know nobody here,
feel like they could tell this my best shirt,
big room full of people here to network,
Over time, I forget who I'm here to see
I'm glue'd to my phone, like a cheap screen
I just wanna go home,
curl up in blanket dome
fall into a comatose of a deep sleep.
12 AM rolls around and I'm deep
into the shots they told me
would help a nigga turn up
erasing the possibility I would say something wrong
everybody found someone
to settle down with
I'd rather settle down back in my crown vic
bumpin TA-KU down the interstate
I guess I'm just lost in my inner state, tonight.


-Verse 2-
Nowadays I'm not quite sure
what's considered stylish
prolly cause I spend my time
so divided
between making chiptunes
in my bedroom
and watching documentaries
on Netflix all afternoon
Days tie together
but most nights fade fast
unlike the memory of holding her hand last
Another party invite
maybe I'll meet someone
who likes all the things I like
Maybe I'll meet someone
who likes Beck or Initial D
Or tries to spit Shakkazombie rhymes in Japanese
I mean the party's on and poppin
but it just ain't my thing
My niggas tryna get these girls to suck on my wang
and yeah they cute but I'm just not my bright self today
In fact they loud as fuck, I think I'm sober again


Left your house in the
same way that I came
you said we fall the same
we're water in the rain
discontentment brews
in twiddling thumbs
and cheeks of rogue

Track Name: Waiting Room
Sublime Libido Mind Tricks
Bad Juju, make you coocoo
watch you end up on the noon news
and in new news
no new friends no new new
almost had a catch
but her snatch smelled of doo doo
Alright alright alright
got that spit on loop virus
I wonder if grunge bands
wrote lyrics in papyrus
or maybe comic sans,
prolly not, worst font,
it should be banned
along with wingdings
even though
it spells out everything that I'm thinking
thinking that if another weekend goes by
and she made other plans, but she never cancelled mine
and hers, the line between reality
and what I thought I might've herd
will be so fucking blurred
if I were pure, I could ride it like flyin' nimbus,
unfortunately destructed by a bio-chemisty
she wanna know what makes me tick
but I don't understand
is this a date or we just hangin out? Cause we were holding hands...

If I wanna lay in bed for an hour
try to get these words sorted out
flowers on the popcorn ceiling
remind me I can keep on dreaming
and we won't spend our lives in the waiting room no more,
if I wanna get away who says, who says I can't?

Dear love, Life is a lucid dream, I fear.
Feels like reality truncates
each day I wake ambition disappears
Often I compare myself to peers,
write lyrics that you'll never hear
but this year, I'm going all out,
lyrical bouts over some phat bass,
smooth chimes to make the girls girate they
abdomins like sine waves
Some people said my music helped them through some less than fine days
That's all I ever wanted, really
I've been stagnant, cause my music gets a little feely
Don't really try to be ironic, try to state it clearly
You're out to see the world, that's a dream of mine. too
Milan to Shibuya is my ideal route
Take the whole trip in fresh ass suit
Meet someone like you
Make some inside jokes, maybe say I do
Maybe raise a few kids, maybe more than a few
but either way I gotta make it out the waiting room, saaaid

If I wanna lay in bed for an hour
try to get these words sorted out
flowers on the popcorn ceiling
remind me I can keep on dreaming
and we won't spend our lives in the waiting room no more,
if I wanna get away who says, who says I can't?
Track Name: Arts & Crafts
What's going on?
9 o'clock is upon me as I braved
through the dawn, and I'm on-
line checkin' my facebook
for hundreth time,
it seems I ain't gettin' no sleep
spent all night lookin' up how to make
kokeshi dolls out of paper mache
and gotta say it's impossible
see the measurements
you gotta take
become trying when the silver linings
out of sight
cut my finger
on the box cutter)
9 o clock and I've got phone charms
to paint, screw class, I don't care if I'm late
when I get in this state
nothing in the world can relate

To the Thrill
of adding lots of frills,
and tightening nuts and bolts
on a robot girl
She speaks three languages and translates in real time
people try to kill time
but there's so much to do
and school just steals mine

People callin' my cellphone
Wanna hang out?
Hell no.
Got a Zaku to assemble
They say that I'm goin' mental
Like, "I thought you got some help bro."
Therapy is too iffy
About as helpful as god damn clippy
and I don't need no help,
it's just me and these

Arts & Crafts
Robots and Gadgets
Lock up in a room
Zoom through time,
in a rad jet,
I don't get mad if a nigga calls me faggot,
It's what's makes me happy
and that's all that really matters is these

Artsz n Crayuftsz (CRAFTS)

The fact that I missed prom makes me little bit sad if I'm just being honest
But every cons like a prom, in a world I can understand, plus it got a cosplay contest
So there's that. I guess.
Met a crossplayed chick dressed fresh as Jonny Quest
I saw she was rockin' an SNK necklace
Survey corps crest by them chestesis
and I'm getting hyped,
I'm getting geeked I can
I tell by the varnish she got it from me
only sold one of those, like just last week
along with a tengu mask hankercheif
Gotta get a booth at Megacon
cause if I'm tellin' you the truth, man, all I want's
to break through, like an craft beautillion
a steady cash flow's dope, but all-in-all
it's these
arts and crafts, I'm craving
maybe alcohol at the rave and
I know what you think, man that's so raven
that's a bad joke, but this ain't a game
remain sane with an insane addiction
refrain to explain cause they never listen
and just do you
And while you do that
I'mma be over here on my

Arts & Crafts
Robots and Gadgets
Lock up in a room
Zoom through time,
in a rad jet,
I don't get mad if a nigga calls me faggot,
It's what's makes me happy
and that's all that really matters is these-

Based young niggas sculptin worlds of their own
you can't tellin em nothin, fresh out the oven
is a baked young nigga makin tracks
boom bap, bring it back takin' over
millieum soldiers

Arts & Crafts
Robots and Gadgets
Lock up in a room
Zoom through time,
in a rad jet,
I don't get mad if a nigga calls me faggot,
It's what's makes me happy
and that's all that really matters

Artsz n Crayuftsz
Track Name: Frank: The Alien
Let's see my name Frank.
I was brought here in '92.
Living under the ruse of a human,
uh, obviously I guess, that's why we're all here.
Collecting data, studying analyzing humans
I got really close, and lost myself in a few girls...
It's strange cause Earth begins to really create this...torrent in your mind, I guess.
And of course being born here you become part of this really beautiful, stupid place.
I don't know.

-Verse 1-
My favorite pass-time's conceptualizing volumes
livin' in moderation's what they say we used to all do
how'm I s'posed to waltz within a muggy crowded ballroom
in wet jeans, cold sweatin' meds I get from walgreens
all things considered is a laughable phrase
in this case, you can't consider with shit to relate
too blind, and too binded,
your mind is too minded,
I'm up for being calculative,
but down for just tryin
I spend about nine hours a week improvising
end of world scenerios and mock advertisements
in the mirror,
you'd think if you could see yourself, you'd see a little clearer
but trauma runs deep in the psychosphere
an ark of one of a kind millenials -- quote "90's kids" --
redefinin' lifestyles, conducting modern sciences,
social justice bloggin', shit talkin' in the finest sense,
soon we'll join the ranks, reminisin' over time we spent
online, instead of what they did before us
Are we just tourists?
Sportin' Mickey caps in the back a corporate tour bus
or mom's ford taurus?
The floor ain't lava, but it's damn sure amorphous
no foundation
no foundation
fatherless, couldn't be bothered unless,
You got an offer I cannot resist
No Foundation
No Foundation
No Foundation
No Foundation...

-Verse 2-
I wish the universe could be
the first Bleach OP
Beanie Caps, Big Headphones, and lettermans
bright colored futuristic track jackets
skateboards to match it,
scratch that,
make it a hover board
and throw in some goggles for no reason,
and I could hang some plushies from my belt with no teasing,
fuck yeah seeking for my dreams with no sleepin'
I ain't gon' sleep in
like I ain't got no fucks to give
Remember that you matter
If you like it or not
We're just a story
in a cosmic plot
a recreation in new cinema
in the way that we were made up of a billion parts
So who says one of those parts ain't love?
a metaphysical pull that you don't see from above
but if you zoom in, you can see the pixels
where we make our stay
and how we shake
that we vibrate.
I'm just sayin.
Track Name: More Than Empty
One day my soul be laid to rest
father please forgive me,
but I heard the silence sounds like
summer in the city
if the lord exists, would he pull me from the mahogany
to send me to the place where all the martyrs and black fathers be?
Sleigh Bells ringing, turn to whirling pipe organs
Bowser in his castle, dry bones worship warden
In the meantime above us,
sisters and the brothers playing jenga
with the maker, our creator,
sounds about right
musical sounds about life are now forbidden
if you appreciate yourself
you atone in our religion
if you're sportin' a vagina
start supportin in the kitchen
if you're happy and you know it then repent.
Don't get wrapped up in the real world
It's just a game you were never meant to play
I'm sorry to say,
Don't show emotion in the battlefield
free will's a 360 deal
keep sealed and your soul is here to stay

Tilt your head back
so the sins your kin to swallow
store themselves in time
eternally confined
you're more than empty, hollow

Sing a slow song
warmth of wine begins to follow
Seek and you will find we
do it all the time
we're more than empty, hollow

No baptism can saves me from
the remorse I felt once you were gone

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